Top Tire and Wheel Service in Baytown

When asked what feature of their car is most important the answer that most Baytown drivers give is their tires or wheels. Without a proper set of tires and wheels you’re going nowhere, fast. At Rodriguez Paint, Body & Collision Repairs Inc we are very proud of the award-winning tire and wheel repair service we provide. Our unrivalled attention to detail and our customer-centered approach means that when it comes to having the best tire and wheel care possible, you are in good hands.

Our family-run business has expanded since we first opened our doors. However, one thing has remained constant throughout the years—our passion for what we do. We treat every tire and wheel repair job like it is our own. That is one of the main reasons why so many Baytown motorists trust their cars with us. They know that when they come to us they will receive the best service possible. And so will you. So what are you waiting for? Call today to hear about our great prices and limited time offers.

Have Alloy Wheels? Always Repair Rather than Replace!

The advantages to repairing rather than replacing your alloy wheels are many. First of all, repairing these essential parts of your vehicle will save you money. The cost of replacing alloys is far less than it is to repair them. Repairing rather than replacing alloys will also save you time. Our alloy wheel repair specialists can repair and restore any type of alloy quickly. This fast turnaround means that you will be back on the road sooner rather than later. However, the greatest advantage of repairing rather than replacing your alloys is the quality.

We have repaired thousands of alloys on vehicles in Baytown since we first opened our doors. The experience that we have acquired in this time means that even the most complex type of work will not be too problematic for us. Our specialists will be able to repair scratches, chips or any gouges on your vehicle’s rims and have them back to their factory-bought best in no time at all. The added bonus of our unrivalled attention to detail is that nobody will be able to tell that your rim or alloys were repaired.

The fact of the matter is that some garages will recommend replacing rather than repairing with even the smallest of defects. That is not how we do things. And we are proud to say that it isn’t how Baytown drivers want things done either.

Flexible Payment Plan

We know that repairing your vehicle’s tires, wheels or any other component isn’t cheap. Sometimes the costs associated with regular maintenance of your car can seem astronomical. That is why at Rodriguez Paint, Body & Collision Repairs Inc we always aim to ease that burden. We do this by offering flexible payment plans for all of our services. This means that you can repay the cost of your service over a number of weeks or months rather than in one payment.